I knew that I wanted to use A Thousand word productions, because he did such a fabulous job 12 years ago at my sister’s wedding. I couldn’t have trusted anybody more to do such a fabulous job with my wedding video! We’ve watched our video so many times since we got married in December 2018, and we still tear up and laugh over the moments we’ve seen over and over. The video was well put together, covered everything we could’ve ever wanted, and had our own personal touches in it as well. A video of your wedding is definitely something that’s worth spending money on! You have a forever memory that you can watch over and over and I couldn’t be more thankful to Nathan for providing us that. I highly recommend Nathan for all weddings and any other memory you need on video. He was courteous, patient, and very friendly. Will definitely be recommending him and using him for a future events. Thanks so much for all you did for us!
The Liptaks ❤️

Kasey Liptak, February 2019

A videographer is so important for your special day! Money well spent! I have watched the video of my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding over and over! I cry every time I watch it and I am so thankful we had Nathan on our special day! He is the best!

Carol Walker, November 2018

I’ve had several people tell me that spending money on a videographer isn’t worth it… I couldn’t disagree more! We got our final product from Nathan, and we couldn’t be happier. Nathan captured our day so beautifully, and captured the best moments. He also made us feel so comfortable, and was a great addition to our special day. We can’t thank you enough, Nathan!! My husband and I highly recommend A Thousand Words Productions.

Kelly Brockleman, April 2018

I recommend A Thousand Word Production to record your event. I could mention ‘a thousand’ reasons why… but I can summarize in one word… EXCELLENT!!!

Adriana Strahan, February 2018

Having an amazing videographer is so important! Your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind of pictures, flowers, dresses, emotions, but most importantly happiness. Being able to look back at a video will help you remember your special day and be able to remember all the happiness that day brought. I have worked with Nathan many many times and his work is phenomenal. You will be very happy to have him when you book a videographer!

Laura Ann Mann, November 2016

At first I thought paying for a videographer for my wedding was ridiculous. I’ll just have a family member record it. But then I watch A Thousand Word Productions highlight movies, and when I started crying over strangers’ weddings, I realized I needed to book them. Little did I know, it was hands down the best decision I made in planning for my wedding. The professionalism and quality work I received in the product is absolutely amazing! We didn’t watch the movie until our 1 year anniversary, and we both cried. What a special day to have access to watching for the rest of our lives! Thank you for your work Nathan! Seriously, we thank you, our future children and their family thank you too!

Callie Jordan, May 2016
Nathan 2

Nathan Browning, producer

The man behind the camera.

While in college, Nathan Browning was an intern at a local news station, where it continued into a production career that lasted for ten years. From directing prime time news, to shooting interviews with the President & Governor, the work never gave him the satisfaction level of shooting weddings for some of his friends and family. With his experience and education, he then had the right tools to make wedding videos that become family jewels. Dozens of brides over the years have told him how happy it makes them feel when they go back and watch the video. Some brides didn’t want a video at first, but their mom knew better. A wedding video is a priceless thing to share at anniversaries with the rest of the family.

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